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Complete Motoring Services

2014 Diesel Mini With Timing Chain Failure, Complete Repair Required.

Lovely 2015 Porsche Boxter 3-4 GTS in for MOT, Full Service and Brakes.

Porsche Boxter 2.7 Regularly Serviced and Maintained at Kimberley Motors.

2011 BMW X5 in for a Number of Repairs.

Max is Always on Hand to Help.

2015 Audi RS4 in for Tyres and Brakes. Tyres Supplied, Fitted and Balanced by Kimberley Motors.

Mercedes C200 in for 4 New Tyres. Corrosion Around the Wheel Rim was Removed and Sealant Used to Help. Another Great Job Completed by Kimberley Motors.

Jaguar XK8 in for a service, water pump and other repairs

Some days we have Prestigious sports cars at Kimberley Motors.

Mini in for Service, MOT and Repairs

Jaguar F Type in for Various Repairs

TVR Chimaera in for Some Engine Work and Other Repairs

Lovely Aston Martin DB7 Vantage in for Service and Various Repairs

Volkswagen Amarok in for Full Service, Timing Belt Kit and Water Pump, Gearbox Oil and Filter Change

Subaru Impreza WRX STI WR1 in for Full Service, Timing Belt and Water Pump

BMW 325i Convertible in for MOT and a problem with the soft close boot not working, which also stopped the roof from opening. After diagnosis and electrical work both now operate perfectly.

Mercedes Sprinter for Annual MOT and Service

Bentley Continental GTC for Service

Land Rover Discovery for Service and DPF issues

Vincent in for Service and Running Problems

Toyota Yaris GR

Mitsubishi Shogun in for MOT and Service

A Customer's New Toy in for a Service and Thorough Check Over

Making a Custom-Fit Exhaust for a Customer

Ford Escort RS Cosworth in for Service and Various Repairs

Jaguar XK in for Annual Service, MOT, Tyres and Running Problems

Mercedes 230CE in Amazing Condition in for Annual Service

Lovely BMW Z4Si Sport in for Service, Brake Issues and Brake Upgrade for Fast Road and Track Day Use

Land Rover Defender 90 Hardtop in for Transmission Oil Leaks

Vauxhall VX220 in for Timing Belt Replacement

Plenty of space to work on this one!

Annual Service and MOT

Beautiful Aston Martin Repair

1961 Chevrolet Corvette in for service and check over.

Sometimes you have to investigate a bit more!

This is why servicing your car is so important. Customer was totally unaware of all 4 tyres being so dangerous as not visible from the outside. Also filter was in desperate need of changing.