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Welcome to the KIMBERLEY MOTORS web site. Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at our site. Kimberley motors have been a very well established business in Potters Bar for 20 years and have now re-located to larger premises in Colney Heath. The current owner JK took control of the business in 1992 and has been running it since.

We are a small and enthusiastic company that takes pride in all aspects of our work from vehicle servicing through to race car preparation. We feel the attention to detail we give that is required on each job is of vital importance, something the larger companies seem to fall short of. We recognise that for most people, your vehicles safety, reliability and performance combined with value for money are the key areas that you are looking for. We have found that value for money comes with getting the job right the first time.

We cover all aspects of vehicle maintenance including ECU Re-mapping, EGR and DPF Removal and invest in the latest equipment. We specialise in diagnostic repairs, but we have also found that by applying a good old fashioned bit of common sense to some jobs is often all that we need!
We have also gained experience in the world of motor sport with cars and motorcycles, from club circuit racing through to national road racing events. So with our combined knowledge and experience we offer a full road to race service.
Feel free to contact us for your requirements.

Many thanks for looking J K.